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Exploring Strategic Management in Real-World Contexts: A Sharing Session with GCOO UiTM Holdings

On 24 October 2023, a group of 42 students from the MBA programme (consisting of AA7003AF, AA7003BF, and AA7003CF) took part in a sharing session program with Dr. Ainul Azreen Adam, the Group Chief Operating Officer (GCOO) of UiTM Holdings. The session was titled "Strategic Management in Crisis: Navigating Turbulent Times with Confidence" and took place at the Staff Lounge on the second floor of AAGBS.

This event was organized as part of the MGT790 Strategic Management course, which emphasizes active learning. It provided students with insights into how a GCOO handles strategic management in practical scenarios, offered access to current industry trends, and promoted the development of problem-solving skills in the field of strategic management. One of the primary objectives of the course is to enable students to apply strategic management models and tools to real-world business situations. Dr. Hamidah Md Yusop was responsible for overseeing and supervise the sharing session.

The sharing activity aimed to enhance the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities of participants, preparing them to tackle challenges in the coming decade. The dynamic learning program, which took up 3 hours at the comfortable lounge, successfully achieved the objectives that has been highlighted. All the participants expressed great satisfaction with their first-hand experience, as they gained a wealth of knowledge about entrepreneurship skills from the invited speaker. Moreover, participants had the big opportunity to gain practical insights from industry experts based on their real-world experiences.

The sharing session created an environment that actively encouraged participants to pose questions related to strategic management. Dr. Ainul, the esteemed speaker, played a good role by answering all the questions without hesitation and this dynamic interaction greatly enhanced the overall experience. As a result, the session evolved into a lively and engaging exchange of ideas and insights. This sharing session not only positively impacted the participants' entrepreneurship skills but also highlighted how universities can enrich their curriculum through collaboration with industry professionals.

Nevertheless, the program was not merely meant to enjoy a sharing session and take a break from formal learning, but it helped to contribute for community impact which it can create a positive environment within the local community and society. It can help participants to broad the minds of the community in creating more competitive businesses through knowledge sharing. Through active participation in the programme, it can be strengthening the bond between the community and pioneering figures in the modern business world. Because of these valuable experiences, the participants wanted to express their thanks to Dr. Ainul Azreen for giving them the opportunity to gain something new and fresh knowledges regarding strategic management that happened in real-world industry.

Arshad Ayub
Graduate Business School,

Kompleks Al-Farabi, Jalan Ilmu/1,
Universiti Teknologi MARA,
40450 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA

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