Aishah Binti Ali @ Taib
Senior Manager HR, United Nations
Executive MBA
Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS) has successfully instilled in me a passion for learning through a stimulating environment. The emphasis on the application of knowledge through teamwork, case studies, simulations and real life projects is an ideal learning module which opens up new avenues and provides new approaches for me to meet the ever challenging and complex working environment.
AAGBS brings together experienced, dedicated and qualified lecturers to ensure the program is innovative, application-oriented and multi-disciplinary.

Aiming to offer postgraduate courses which provides the experience and practical skills that employer values, AAGBS continuously update their management toolkit to equip the students with essential skills and knowledge grounded on current practices. I am confident that AAGBS will continue to be  committed in promoting academic excellence and intellectual exchange.


Muhammad Syukri Abdullah
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Business & Management, UiTM

I would recommend the MBA at AAGBS to any aspiring individual that is interested in working in the realm of business and management today. The program provides the necessary theory from books; however, allows students to get much more in terms of networking and a hands-on experience such as industry academic visits.

Allowing industry leaders to be a part of the teaching process offers students a chance to walk away with more than an education, but also a window of opportunity through contact connections.

Brands are well known to every business school professors, but only one professor is a brand name in itself, call it Professor AAGBS.


Suradini Abdul Ghani
Senior General Manager, Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad
Executive MBA

The EMBA was a really intense and rare learning experience which provided me with an opportunity to interact with a diversified and experienced group of both peers and subordinates. The program included solving real-life hands-on problems and issues which were truly close at heart.

The areas of study provided opportunities to enhance both theoretical and practical communication and presentation skills which are key elements essential in executing effective management styles.

The Program was a real test of time management. All in, it was a really fun, fulfilling and memorable experience.





Noor Amalia Othman
Lecturer, Kolej Polytech MARA-KPTM Malaysia
Executive MBA

The EMBA Program helped me hone in on my critical competencies such as communication, time management, problem-solving, teamwork and improved my view on professionalism in the true sense.



Azmir Razaleigh Arshad
Recipient of Vice-Chancellor Award (MBA)

The virtually unlimited academic resources made available for the students’ use, the on-going support from faculty and administrative staff as well as the encouragement by the lecturers to strive further made the MBA experience one that was most enriching.
The foundation laid by AAGBS will continue to enable its graduates to gain a strong foothold in taking their first step towards building their career