The management of Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS) has always believed in the importance of the university’s internationalization agenda and thus ensures the continuity of its existing student exchange program with foreign universities such as HFT Stuttgart, Germany and KU Leuven, Belgium. As such, this semester, the school continued to send its MBA students to these universities and in turn, received several students from there.

Six students from AAGBS are now in HFT Stuttgart while another four are in KU Leuven. The students who went to Stuttgart are Aminah Najibah Muda, Farahleena Mohd Yusof, Muhammad Izzat Eshak, Nadia Syuhada Shahidan, Nur Shahfiqa Mohd Rafid and Sarah Habriyah Azlan. The Belgium-bound students are Siti Athirah Binti Halim, Muhammad Izzuddin Mat Sani, Syafiq Shuhaimi and Nurul Syahirah Hairudin.

They arrived in their respective universities in early September and are to attend classes for a semester. Apart from taking the designated MBA classes, these students are also taking German and Dutch language courses that will enable them to converse with more ease, with the Germans and Belgians. This semester abroad will give them invaluable experience such as international exposure; overseas university transcript for the courses taken; better future job prospects; new friends from abroad; international networking opportunity; independence and resilience; as well as the opportunity to travel extensively, particularly in Europe.

Meanwhile, the inbound students to AAGBS from both HFT Stuttgart and KU Leuven (two students from each university) are Manuel Denner, Regina Jin, Pieter Brouns and Wassim El Maaboudi. All four students arrived in Malaysia also in the first week of September and will spend a semester at AAGBS, taking several courses from the MBA and the MIBF programs. AAGBS has invited them to participate in several activities such as the new student’s induction program and the photo-shoot for the school’s new brochure. Many other programs are being planned for them so that they will feel at home away from home.

It is hoped that the student exchange program between AAGBS and these universities will continue into the future and create stronger ties between the institutions as well as become a catalyst for further collaborations in other areas such as staff exchange, joint research and joint supervision of students. 


Wassim, Manuel, Regina and Pieter during the AAGBS new students Induction Program


Our MBA students Athirah, Syafiq, Izzuddin and Syahirah in KU Leuven, Belgium.


The six AAGBS MBA students in Germany


For more photos of both inbound and outbound students in the student exchange program, do follow the AAGBS instagram account @aagbs_official or the AAGBS official facebook @aagbs.official and for enquiries about the program, contact AAGBS at +6 03 5544 4744


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