AAGBS as your student exchange destination
The management and faculty of Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School is a firm believer that student exchange program brings many benefits for both inbound and outbound students. As such, linkages and collaborations have been established with many foreign universities particularly from Europe. We are now reaching out to many more universities in other parts of the world such as Asia, so that there is a wider opportunity for international exchanges between local and foreign students. We have a long standing relationship with Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Germany (HFT) and Leuven University of Belgium. The school has quite recently forged a stronger academic linkage with Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Germany (HFT), in which the Dual Masters program has been offered for the first time since September 2015. This initiative has seen participating students from AAGBS and SUAS HFT-Stuttgart obtain two degrees, an MBA from AAGBS and Master of Arts in General Management (MA) from SUAS HFT-Stuttgart, Germany. Since 2015, 6 of our MBA students have embarked on this program. 20 foreign students have benefitted from the student exchange program since 2012.

The benefits of student exchange programs cannot be denied. Thus AAGBS would like to invite foreign students to do their study abroad program with the school. You may apply for the dual degree Masters program (for students from SUAS HFT-Stuttgart and University of Yamaguchi) or the typical exchange program. We assure you will experience a multitude of benefits such as:
1. Gaining a better understanding of Malaysia’s cultural and community perspectives
2. Acquiring a different language through practical immersion
3. Experiencing alternative approaches to learning
4. Broadening one’s interest in global issues, particularly relating to Malaysia
5. Enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem
6. Confronting challenges outside one’s comfort zone
7. Developing life-long friendships with local students and faculty members
8. Increasing potential of employment as prospective employers may look favorably at the experience gained while studying abroad.

Besides these benefits, AAGBS should be the preferred destination for your student exchange experience based on the following:
1. Its aspiration to become a leading graduate business school has made it prioritize quality assurance and accreditation. AAGBS is periodically being audited by external reviewers from the Ministry of Education Malaysia (for Malaysia Top Business School) since 2007. The School complies with the Program Standards for Business Studies 2015 and is closely monitored by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).  Currently all the four programs offered namely 1) Master of Business Administration (MBA); 2) Master of Islamic Banking and Finance (MIBF); 3) Doctor in Business Administration (DBA); and 4) Doctor of Philosophy (Business Management) are deemed accredited.

2. Apart from that, the School officially received accreditation from The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st Century Organization (ABEST21), an international accreditation agency, for its MBA program in June 2015. The School’s MBA program is recognized as ‘customized programs designed for diversity’. During the 2nd Kaizen Panel Review Visit in 2016, the School’s MBA program received positive feedback and rated as ‘very good’. The School is also in the process of acquiring another international accreditation, AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), that accredits the best business schools in the world. AAGBS has already obtained the Eligibility Application and currently is in the process of preparing the ISER (self evaluation report) for submission to the AACSB. A site visit by the School’s mentor from AACSB has been conducted to review the quality process of the School.

3. The School subscribes to an inclusive learning environment for students and academics. In support of a collegiate environment, advanced learning approaches in the classroom and learning environments are provided with the latest technology such as the blended learning mode via i-learn portal, smart classroom, flip learning and software applications. Furthermore, in its curriculum, several courses require out-of-classroom learning. These out-of-classroom learning modes supplement and strengthen learning experiences of students outside the regular classroom setting.

4. Inbound foreign students are provided with assistance in academics and services such as leisure and cultural activities, as well as accommodation services by the Office of International Affairs at the University level.

5. AAGBS students come from diverse background in terms of geographic background and occupation. Foreign inbound students have the opportunity to gain different and broader cultural and life experiences as well as knowledge from their in and out of the classroom interactions.

6. The School has a well-qualified faculty with vast experience (research consultancy and industry). Faculty members of the School are diverse in terms of academic disciplines and specialization, ethnicity, geographical location, age groups, educational background and industrial experience. The School has taken some initiatives to invite more foreign lecturers to promote internationalization as well as to contribute to the development of the MBA students and the program through seminars and lectures. For example, in 2016, the School together with the University of Yamaguchi, Japan, co-organized the International Symposium on Management of Technology Education (ISAME).

7. The School has established diverse industry partnerships and collaborations with both private and public sectors. In terms of academia collaboration, the School has engaged in cross border collaborations through international linkages and offshore programs, research collaboration, teaching and industry attachment, and alumni activities. As an example, the School organized several talks involving foreign professors from Germany, Indonesia, Japan, and Bulgaria.

8. The School has an active student association i.e. Student Representative Council. Many activities are conducted periodically such as course related activities, pre-graduation dinners, festival celebrations, coffee sessions, dialogue sessions, colloquiums, industry talks and visits as well as CSR related activities.

9. AAGBS provides a conducive physical environment with infrastructure such as broadband and wireless facilities, resource centers as well as recreation facilities.  The internet access around the faculty has enabled the students to access the virtual library containing various databases, i-learn learning portal and other types of information.

10. The opportunity to do the Dual Masters program which brings in much value as students can benefit in terms of developing expertise in two separate fields, exposing themselves to different types of study environments, teaching and learning styles, and definitely the chance of doubling the network.

11. The School is situated in Shah Alam, the capital city of Selangor which offers foreign students the opportunity to visit many tourist attractions such as the Blue Mosque, recreational parks, a modern public library, various cultural galleries and delicious eateries. Its close proximity to Kuala Lumpur also enables foreign students to venture into the capital of Malaysia to visit more tourist attractions.

Application can be made online via: Institut Pengajian Siswazah UiTM (Ipsis)